Abdoulaye Diouf

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Spectral analysis allows the characterization of temporal (1D) or spatial (2D) patterns in terms of their scale (frequency) distribution. Cross-spectral analysis can also be used to conduct independent correlation analyses at different scales between two variables, even in the presence of a complex super-position of structures, such as structures that are(More)
PURPOSE To describe the profile of chronic and aggressive periodontitis among Senegalese (West Africans) attending the Institute of Dentistry of Dakar. METHODS A retrospective study was conducted with an inclusion period running from 2001 to 2008. The sample included 413 chronic periodontitis and 151 aggressive periodontitis cases, among them 299 males(More)
The NAT2 genetic polymorphism determines the individual acetylator status and, consequently, the capacity to metabolize, or not, drugs and xenobiotics which are substrates of NAT2. As the nature and frequency of the NAT2 polymorphisms vary remarkably between populations of different ethnic origins, genotyping strategies used to predict the acetylation(More)
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