Abdolreza Salehi Salehi

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BACKGROUND Fetal DNA in maternal plasma and serum has been shown to be a useful material for prenatal fetal sex determination during early gestational ages. Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis is now(More)
Chitinase gene (chi) of bean which has been cloned in recombinant binary plasmid vector, pBI121 with 35s promoter of Cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV), were used for transformation of soybean using(More)
BACKGROUND In order to establish a reliable non-invasive method for sex determination in a bovine fetus in a routine setting, the possibility of identifying specific sequence in the fetal X and(More)
Horses with big bone fractures have low chance to live mainly due to the lake of a proper treatment strategy. We believe that further attempts in equine bone tissue engineering will probably be(More)