Abdolreza Sabahi

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OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to assess the pattern and utilisation of psychotropic drug prescriptions by psychiatrists in Kerman Province, Iran. METHODS The prescriptions of 27 psychiatrists were randomly selected from two Iranian public insurance organisations and were analysed for the mean number of drugs/prescriptions, drug category and the(More)
BACKGROUND Methadone maintenance has received little scientific attention regarding neurocognitive effects. This study is aimed to assess the neuropsychological performance of methadone maintenance patients (MMP) compared to those healthy controls. METHODS Thirty-five MMP and 35 healthy controls, matched for age, gender, education and employment status,(More)
INTRODUCTION Anxiety and depression are reported as the most prevalent psychiatric disorders worldwide. Here, we studied the prevalence of such disorders with co-morbidities of coronary artery disease (CAD) risk factors in an urban population in Iran. METHODS 5900 people were selected from 15 to 75-years-olds through single-stage cluster sampling. In(More)
BACKGROUND Several studies have evaluated the stability of psychiatric diagnosis follow in readmission of patients in psychiatric hospitals. However, there is little data concerning this matter from Iran. This study is designed to evaluate this diagnostic stability of the commonest psychiatric disorders in Iran. OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was(More)
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