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Automatic speaker verification (ASV) systems usually use high dimension feature vectors and therefore involve high complexity. However, many of the features used in such systems are believed to be irrelevant and redundant. So far, many wrapper-based methods for feature dimension reduction in these systems have been proposed. Meanwhile, the complexity of(More)
Automatic speaker verification (ASV) systems are among the biometric systems used in security and telephone-based remote control applications. Recent years have witnessed an increasing trend in research on such systems. These systems usually use high dimension feature vectors and therefore involve high complexity. However, there is a general belief that(More)
A novel content-based image retrieval (CBIR) schema with wavelet and color features followed by ant colony optimization (ACO) feature selection has been proposed in this paper. A new feature extraction schema including texture features from wavelet transformation and color features in RGB and HSV domain is proposed as representative feature vector for(More)
Mars rover is a robot which explores the Mars surface, is equipped to front-line Panoramic Camera (Pancam). Automatic processing and segmentation of images taken by Pancam is one of the most important and most significant tasks of Mars rover since the transformation cost of images from Mars to earth is extremely high. In this paper, a new feature vector for(More)
This paper presents a fully-automated algorithm to segment fluid-associated (fluid-filled) and cyst regions in optical coherence tomography (OCT) retina images of the subjects with diabetic macular edema (DME). The OCT image is segmented using a novel neutrosophic transformation and a graph-based shortest path method. In neutrosophic domain, an image g is(More)
As a solution of avoiding ill-posed problem stem from sparse and large scale blurring matrix which has many singular values of different orders of magnitude close to the origin, in image restoration, Tikhonov regularization with l-curve parameter estimation as convex optimization problem has been proposed in this paper. Also, since the restored image is so(More)
In this paper, a new content-based image retrieval (CBIR) scheme is proposed in neutrosophic (NS) domain. For this task, RGB images are first transformed to three subsets in NS domain and then segmented. For each segment of an image, color features including dominant color discribtor (DCD), histogram and statistic components are extracted. Wavelet features(More)
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