Abdolmohammad Abedian-Kenari

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We investigated the effect of soybean and chicken egg lecithin on the growth performance, fatty acid profile and body composition of rainbow trout fry. Seven isonitrogenous and isolipidic diets were prepared by replacing 0, 2, 4 and 6 % soybean and egg lecithin instead of soybean oil in diets. Trout fry with initial average weight 120 ± 4.08 mg were(More)
In this research enzymatic hydrolysis of rice bran protein concentrate (RBPC) and soybean Protein (SBP) as control were studied with 3 commercial enzymes (Alcalase®, Papain and acommercial 3-enzyme cocktail containing of 1.6 mg ml(-1) Trypsin, 3.1 mg ml(-1) Chymotrypsin, 1.3 mg ml(-1)Aminopeptidase (SIGMA P7500) and 7.95 mg ml(-1)pronase type XIV (SIGMA(More)
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