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The relationship between the activities of 3 cytosolic enzymes with aflatoxin biosynthesis in Aspergillus parasiticus cultured under different conditions has been investigated in order to find out(More)
BACKGROUND There is significant interest in using nanofibers in tissue engineering from stem cells. The transdifferentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into the hepatic lineage in a nanofibrous(More)
Recently we reported that ferric reducing ability of plasma (FRAP) assay, as an index of total antioxidant activity, increases in growing rats in response to high dose of vitamin K. In this study, it(More)
Cytochrome P450 1A1 (CYP1A1) is among the cytochrome P450 classes known to convert xenobiotics and endogenous compounds to toxic and/or carcinogenic metabolites. Suppression of CYP1A1 over expression(More)