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BACKGROUND Continuous low back pain is associated with the symptoms of the pregnancy period. In spite of the improvement of low back pain within 6 months after the delivery, some women may develop(More)
Herbal oils have been widely used in Iran as medicinal compounds dating back to thousands of years in Iran. Chamomile oil is widely used as an example of traditional oil. We remade chamomile oils and(More)
Linum spp. from section Syllinum are promising for the production of aryltetralin lignans like podophyllotoxin (PTOX) and 6-methoxypodophyllotoxin (MPTOX). MPTOX is a PTOX congener that has cytotoxic(More)
Dissatisfaction from sexual relationships can result in deprivation as well as problems, such as depression, anxiety, and destruction of family's mental health. One hundred twenty-five women (18 to(More)