Abdolahad Noori Zehmakan

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The Bin Packing Problem is one of the most important Combinatorial Optimization problems in optimization and has a lot of real-world applications. Many approximation algorithms have been presented for this problem because of its NP-hard nature. In this article also a new creative approximation algorithm is presented for this important problem. It has been(More)
Since the Bin Packing Problem (BPP) is one of the main NP-hard problems, a lot of approximation algorithms have been suggested for it. It has been proven that the best algorithm for BPP has the approximation ratio of 3 2 and the time order of í µí±‚(í µí±›), unless í µí±ƒ = í µí±í µí±ƒ. In the current paper, a linear 3 2-approximation algorithm is(More)
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