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In this paper, we use the plug-in and Whittle methods that are based on spectral regression analysis to test for the long memory property in 12 Asian/dollar daily exchange rates. The results according to the plug-in method show that with the exception of Chinese renminbi all series may have long memory properties. The results based on the Whittle method, on(More)
Systems with a time-delayed feedback occur in various areas, for example in physics, climatology, physiology, and economy. In case of a nonlinear feedback , the systems can show complex behavior, like bifurcations, several types of oscillations, and chaotic solutions. We propose a new technique for the analysis of deterministic nonlinear delayed-feedback(More)
The methodologies and assumptions in crosscountry financial integration studies are problematic and may lead to spurious empirical results. Using surrogate data analysis and mutual prediction method of testing for nonlinear interdependence, it is feasible for an analyst, with a scant knowledge of the underlying dynamics of two dynamical systems, to show(More)
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