Abdigani Diriye

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Exploratory search activities tend to span multiple sessions and involve finding, analyzing and evaluating information found through many queries. Typical search systems, on the other hand, are designed to support single query, precision-oriented search tasks. We describe a search interface and system design of a multi-session exploratory search system,(More)
Users of search engines often abandon their searches. Despite the high frequency of Web search abandonment and its importance to Web search engines, little is known about <i>why</i> searchers abandon beyond that it can be for good or bad reasons. In this paper, we ex-tend previous work by studying search abandonment using both a retrospective survey and an(More)
Interactive Query Expansion (IQE) presents suggested terms to the user during their search to enable better Information Retrieval (IR). However, IQE terms are poorly used, and tend to lack information meaningful to the user. The lack of cognitive and functional support during query refinement is a well documented problem, and despite the work carried out,(More)
In this demo paper we introduce NewsRoom, a prototype multimedia retrieval system that records, segments and indexes news to support browsing and searching of news stories. NewsRoom supports people's various searching behaviours through a rich and highly interactive interface. In this paper we describe the development and functionality of the system, and(More)
In this paper, we examine the role search interface features play in information seeking across di↵erent categories and complexities of search tasks. We present a system called Search Buddy that provides features to enable exploration, filtering and browsing of information. Differing categories and complexities of search tasks were studied through(More)