Abdhul-Hakam Al-Khalidi

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OBJECTIVES We investigated the interaction of heart rate (HR), temperature and contractility using a validated load independent method. BACKGROUND Temperature manipulation is an integral part of cardiac surgery, and postoperative hypothermia is extremely common. Myocardial contraction is a series of enzymatic and physico-chemical reactions that may be(More)
An open crossover study was carried out in 10 Arab patients with mild to moderate hypertension to compare the effectiveness and tolerability of labetalol with alpha-methyldopa. Patients were started on either 100 mg labetalol or 250 mg alpha-methyldopa 3-times daily and, if necessary, the dosage adjusted by standard increments every 2 weeks over a period of(More)
1. Studies of the effect of vagus nerve stimulation on ventricular myocardial function in mammals are limited, particularly in the human. 2. The present study was designed to determine the effect of direct electrical stimulation of the left vagus nerve on left ventricular contractile state in hearts paced at 10 % above the natural rate, in anaesthetised(More)
The development of the conductance catheter method has enabled continuous measurement of intraventricular volume in vivo, thus making assessment of pump performance of the heart in vivo possible using pressure-volume analysis. However, this method has not been validated under conditions where pump rate, conductance, viscosity, and temperature of the fluid(More)
1. We have previously shown that brief voluntary isometric contractions of upper arm flexor muscles performed for one respiratory cycle elicit a significant decrease in the R-R interval. The present study was designed to determine if similar changes are produced by non-voluntary electrically evoked contractions and, if so, to establish the consistency and(More)
A simple and novel technique that utilizes the zero-crossing points of the first time derivative of intra-ventricular pressure (dP/dt) to mark systole, is proposed. Discrete differentiation of the sampled pressure waveform is calculated using a difference equation. Filtration of high-frequency noise in dP/dt is achieved using a low-pass Butterworth filter(More)
Twenty-six patients suffering from methylmercury poisoning were treated by different therapeutic regimes. Seven received penicillamine or N-acetyl-d-L-penicillamine, 10 were treated with dimercaprol sulfonate and 9, who could not be treated, were given a placebo and were used as controls. Penicillamine, N-acetyl-d-L-penicillamine, and dimercaprol sulfonate(More)
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