Abdessamad Falhi

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The clinical demand for a device to monitor blood pressure (BP) in ambulatory scenarios with minimal use of inflation cuffs is increasing. Based on the so-called pulse wave velocity (PWV) principle, this paper introduces and evaluates a novel concept of BP monitor that can be fully integrated within a chest sensor. After a preliminary calibration, the(More)
The development of the large scale sensor networks needs the real time localization problem to be solved with few costs. Some methods that were developed for the time synchronization such as Time of Flight measure or signal level measure such as RSSI, can be used to localize sensor nodes in the network. These methods give different results depending on the(More)
LTMS-S is a new wearable system for the monitoring of several physiological signals--including a two-lead electrocardiogram (ECG)--and parameters, such as the heart rate, the breathing rate, the peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2), the core body temperature (CBT), and the physical activity. All signals are measured using only three sensors embedded within a(More)
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