Abdessalem Ben Abdelali

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—This paper focus on the study of the motion activity descriptor for shot boundary detection in video sequences. We interest in the validation of this descriptor in the aim of its real time implementation with reasonable high performances in shot boundary detection. The motion activity information is extracted in uncompressed domain based on adaptive rood(More)
This paper presents a novel watermarking method, applied to the medical imaging domain, used to embed the patient's data into the corresponding image or set of images used for the diagnosis. The main objective behind the proposed technique is to perform the watermarking of the medical images in such a way that the three main attributes of the hidden(More)
—among the areas, most demanding in terms of calculation is the telecommunication and video applications are now included in several telecommunication devices such as set-top boxes, mobile phones. Embedded videos applications in new generations of telecommunication devices need a processing capacity that can not be achieved by the conventional processor, to(More)
This paper presents a hardware module design for the forward Binary Discrete Cosine Transform (BinDCT) and its implementation on a field programmable gate array device. Different architectures of the BinDCT module were explored to ensure the maximum efficiency. The elaboration of these architectures included architectural design, timing and pipeline(More)
In this paper, we present a new stereo vision-based system and its efficient hardware implementation for real-time underwater environments exploration throughout 3D sparse reconstruction based on a number of feature points. The proposed underwater 3D shape reconstruction algorithm details are presented. The main concepts and advantages are discussed and(More)
Reconfigurability and parallel computing capability of field programmable gate array (FPGA) devices are highly exploited in real-time digital image and video processing applications. In this field, real-time traffic road signs detection systems present a huge interest since they help to assist drivers and decrease accidents. In this paper, we propose an(More)
Road Lanes detection systems are expected to improve driver safety on the roads. However, lane detection is a difficult problem because of the variation of road conditions that can encounter the driver. In this paper, we present a hardware implementation of a road lanes detection system. The hardware implementation results are compared with software(More)
This paper presents an efficient architecture of a real-time traffic sign recognition system. The architecture will present an alternative through a graphical user interface that mixes MATLAB, Simulink and basically Xilinx System Generator. In this work, a hardware implementation of the proposed architecture will be done to achieve real-time constraints.(More)