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A major goal of phytoremediation is to transform fast-growing plants with genes from plant species that hyperaccumulate toxic trace elements. We overexpressed the gene encoding selenocysteine methyltransferase (SMT) from the selenium (Se) hyperaccumulator Astragalus bisulcatus in Arabidopsis and Indian mustard (Brassica juncea). SMT detoxifies(More)
Hst1At (accession number AB018695) was identified from the Arabidopsis thaliana sequencing project on BAC T3F12, and the corresponding cDNA was isolated by reverse transcription-PCR. Southern blot analysis reveals a single copy of this gene. The cDNA encodes a root specific sulfate transporter of 649 amino acids. Heterologous expression of hst1At in a(More)
The thermal phenotype of an organism (heat and cold tolerance, thermal range, and thermal plasticity) is an essential feature of how the organism performs across thermal environments and in response to thermal stress. Porcelain crabs are of interest in addressing questions of thermal phenotype because of their high species diversity and the large variation(More)
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