Abderrhaman Iggidr

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In this paper we propose a malaria within-host model with k classes of age for the parasitized red blood cells and n strains for the parasite. We provide a global analysis for this model. A competitive exclusion principle holds. If R 0 , the basic reproduction number, satisfies R 0 ≤ 1, then the disease-free equilibrium is globally asymptotically stable. On(More)
In an epidemiological model, time spent in one compartment is often modeled by a delay in the model. In general the presence of delay in differential equations can change the stability of an equilibrium to instability and causes the appearance of oscillatory solutions. In this paper we consider a SIS epidemiological model with demographic effects: birth,(More)
Intra-host models of malaria describe the dynamics of the blood-stage of the parasite and their interaction with host-cells, in particular red blood cells (RBC) and immune effectors. During the past decade there has been considerable work on the mathemat-A review has been done by Molineaux and Dietz [15]. Usually the mathematical models are highly non(More)
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