Abderrahmane Daif

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The continuous increase of data generated provides enormous possibilities of both public and private companies. The management of this mass of data or big data will play a crucial role in the society of the future, as it finds applications in different fields. There are so much potential and extremely useful insights hidden in the huge volume of data. The(More)
The business model as known by the majority of specialists has moved from product concentration to the customer concentration. And as we all know, electronic commerce and generally the world of technology has exponentially believed that principal. In this era, many companies have begun to permeate the Electronic Customer Relationship Management (CRAG /(More)
All over the process of treating data on HPC Systems, parallel file systems play a significant role. With more and more applications, the need for high performance InputOutput is rising. Different possibilities exist: General Parallel File System, cluster file systems and virtual parallel file system (PVFS) are the most important ones. However, these(More)
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