Abderrahim Jourani

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The paper deals with the calmness of a class of multifunctions in finite dimensions. Its first part is devoted to various conditions for calmness, which are derived in terms of coderivatives and subdifferentials. The second part demonstrates the importance of calmness in several areas of nonsmooth analysis. In particular, we focus on nonsmooth calculus and(More)
We study subdifferential conditions of the calmness property for multifunctions representing convex constraint systems in a Banach space. Extending earlier work in finite dimensions [R. Henrion and J. Outrata, J. Math. Anal. Appl., 258 (2001), pp. 110–130], we show that, in contrast to the stronger Aubin property of a multifunction (or metric regularity of(More)
Abstract: We provide sufficient conditions for radiality and semismoothness. In general Banach spaces, we show that calmness ensures Dini-radiality as well as Dini-convexity of solution set to inequality systems. In finite dimensional spaces, we introduce the concept of Clarke-radiality and semismoothness of orderm and show that each subanalytic set(More)
Our aim in this paper is to refine the well-known necessary optimality conditions for the general Bolza problem under a calmness assumption. We prove Lagrangian and Hamiltonian necessary optimality conditions without standard convexity assumptions. Our refinements consist in the utilization of a small subdifferential and in the presence of the maximum(More)
Our aim in this paper is to prove geometric characterizations of the free disposal condition for nonconvex economies on infinite dimensional commodity spaces even if the cone and the production set involved in the condition have an empty interior such as in L1 with the positive cone L+. We then use this characterization to prove the existence of Pareto and(More)