Abderahmane Chait

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The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of nitrate on both the activity of the thyroid gland and other biological parameters. After 5-month treatment, nitrate 150 and 500 mg/l induced a significant decrease in the serum level of thyroid hormone T3. For T4, the 500 mg/l dose only reduced its plasma level. On the other hand, nitrate induced a(More)
1. Cholesterol esterscation has been studied in the plasma of subjects on diets rich in saturated or polyunsaturated fat. 2. The diet rich in polyunsaturated fat was associated with lower rates of plasma cholesterol esterification in vitro. The data suggest that there was a reduction of plasma lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase activity as well as(More)
Paraphenylene daimine (PPD) is an aromatic amine that is widely used in several industrial products; however, its toxicity has been reported in several cases of cardiac arrests. As platelets play a key role in cardiovascular diseases, we aimed to determine the impact of PPD in vitro and in vivo on platelet function. Our findings demonstrated that platelet(More)
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