Abdelsalam B Elmahi

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and which satisfies the classical sign condition g(x,s,ξ)s ≥ 0. The right-hand side f is assumed to belong to W−1EM(Ω). It is well known that Gossez [12] solved (1.1) in the case where g depends only on x and u. If g depends also on ∇u, existence theorems have recently been proved by Benkirane and Elmahi in [3, 4] by making some restrictions. In [3], g is(More)
In this paper, we prove an existence and uniqueness result for solutions of some bilateral problems of the form  〈Au, v − u〉 ≥ 〈f, v − u〉, ∀v ∈ K u ∈ K where A is a standard Leray-Lions operator defined on W 1 0 LM (Ω), with M an N-function which satisfies the ∆2-condition, and where K is a convex subset of W 1 0 LM (Ω) with obstacles depending on some(More)
Context • Breast cancer is a leading cause of cancer fatalities among women worldwide. Of the more than 80% of patients who receive adjuvant chemotherapy, approximately 40% relapse. The majority of these patients die of disseminated metastatic disease, which emphasizes the need for new therapeutic strategies Objective • The study intended to investigate the(More)
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