Abdelsalam B. Amer

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In this paper we develop an intergraded model for request mechanism and data transmission in the uplink phase in the presence of channel noise. This model supports quality of service. The wireless channel is prone to many impairments. Thus, certain techniques have to be developed to deliver data to the receiver. We calculated the performance parameters for(More)
Themedium access control frame duration is limited in wireless local area networks. Severalmodels have been applied to get better utilization of this frame. The frame is composed of different phases and adjusting the use of one phasemay effect the other phases' durations. WiMAX and IEEE802.11 standards have similar physical layer. Channel error due to noise(More)
In this paper, we applied an error control protocol for wireless local area network in medium access control. Hiperlan\2 random access phase is taken as an example. We applied quality of service support in the random access phase. Analytical model is developed for the backoff strategy with error control protocol. The performance metrics are shown.
In this paper we developed Quality of service model for wireless networks. We also applied error control protocol for the transmission states. Three backoff strategies are applied. Analytical models are developed. The performance metrics measured by the throughput, acceptance probability, delay and energy are studied. In the error control protocol, the(More)
This dissertation discusses some techniques to improve the medium access control in infrastructure multi channel wireless local area networks. Medium Access Control protocols (MAC) coordinate the stations and resolve the channel contentions so that scarce radio resources are shared fairly and efficiently amongst participating users. We propose different(More)
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