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MOTIVATION There is a growing need in bioinformatics for easy-to-use software implementations of algorithms that are usable across platforms. At the same time, reproducibility of computational results is critical and often a challenge due to source code changes over time and dependencies. RESULTS The approach introduced in this paper addresses both of(More)
Recently copy number variation (CNV) has gained considerable interest as a type of genomic/genetic variation that plays an important role in disease susceptibility. Advances in sequencing technology have created an opportunity for detecting CNVs more accurately. Recently whole exome sequencing (WES) has become primary strategy for sequencing patient samples(More)
The <i>XRDS</i> blog highlights a range of topics from conference coverage, to security and privacy, to CS theory. Selected blog posts, edited for print, are featured in every issue. Please visit xrds.acm.org/blog to read each post in its entirety. If you are interested in joining as a student blogger, please contact us.
This paper presents our experience in using a project-based learning approach in a senior-level class, which is not a traditional candidate for learning through projects in the CS curriculum. The objective of this class was to expose students to computer science applications of probabilistic analysis and stochastic processes. The class project expected the(More)
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