Abdelrahman Hosny

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480 pig serum samples collected from November 1979-October 1980 and 200 human sera collected in the same period, nearly have been used in serological investigations. 52.5% sera were positive against swine influenza (HSW1N1) 10% only of human sera were positive against (HSW1N1) virus. By using (H3N2) human virus, 10.4% of pig sera were positive, while 41% of(More)
MOTIVATION There is a growing need in bioinformatics for easy-to-use software implementations of algorithms that are usable across platforms. At the same time, reproducibility of computational results is critical and often a challenge due to source code changes over time and dependencies. RESULTS The approach introduced in this paper addresses both of(More)
Individuals of a species have similar characteristics but they are rarely identical because of the genomic variations. One of the important genomic variations is structural variation (SV), including copy number variation (CNV), which is a result of amplifications or deletions of genomic regions. It has been shown that SV plays an important role in(More)
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Measles in Egypt, as in most parts of the world, is an endemic disease with biennial epidemic waves, which affects mainly children under 3 years of age. The epidemic waves appear mainly at the end of winter and in the spring. From the statistical data available, there is a high ease fatality rate, which is mainly due to the marked under reporting of measles(More)