Abdelouahab Chikhi

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Because peptide deformylase (PDF) is essential for the initiation of translation in eubacteria but not in eukaryotes, it is a potentially interesting target for antibiotics. Computer simulation using docking software can be used to model protein-ligand interactions, and in this brief report we describe its use in optimizing the design in PDF-directed(More)
The increasing resistance of bacteria to antibacterial therapy poses an enormous health problem, it renders the development of new antibacterial agents with novel mechanism of action an urgent need. Peptide deformylase, a metalloenzyme which catalytically removes N-formyl group from N-terminal methionine of newly synthesized polypeptides, is an important(More)
Persistent measles virus infection was established in two cell lines: Vero and McCoy. Vero cells were infected with a virus that had been propagated five times from an undiluted inoculum. Measles virus infection of McCoy cells caused no cytopathic lesions but led to the establishment of persistent infection. Haemadsorption (HA) and immunofluorescence (IF)(More)
The discovery of anti-tuberculosis agents is crucial for effective tuberculosis therapy. The present strategy for new drug development is directed towards identifying essential enzyme systems in the bacteria and developing potent molecules to inhibit them. The aim of this study was to study the inhibition of a peptide deformylase of Mycobacterium(More)
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