Abdelmounaim Aboussad

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Background: Iodine status in populations is usually assessed by the median urinary iodine concentration (UIC). However, iodine is also excreted in breast milk during lactation; thus, breast milk iodine concentration (BMIC) may be a promising biomarker of iodine nutrition in lactating women. Whether the mammary gland can vary fractional uptake of circulating(More)
Une enquête a été réalisée dans la ville de Marrakech, en 2008, auprès d’un échantillon de 1 202 femmes ayant accouché durant les cinq dernières années dans le but de mettre en évidence l’effet de l’exode rural sur l’accès aux soins de santé maternelle et la réduction de la morbidité maternelle des femmes. Les résultats mettent en évidence des différences(More)
Background: Iodine deficiency early in the life cycle-the "first 1000 days"-can cause hypothyroidism and irreversibly impair neuromotor development. However, the relative vulnerability among women and infants during this critical period is unclear, making it difficult for country-based programs with limited resources to prioritize their iodine(More)
Although pleural effusion is a rare cause of respiratory distress in newborns, being familiar with this disease is very important because of the generally favorable prognosis when the diagnosis is done early and therapy is prompt. We report a case of a full-term baby diagnosed with respiratory distress after 1 week of life. An X-ray of his chest showed a(More)
BACKGROUND Lead is a common neurotoxicant and its absorption may be increased in iron deficiency (ID). Thus, iron fortification to prevent ID in populations is a promising lead mitigation strategy. Two common fortificants are ferrous sulfate (FeSO4) and ferric sodium EDTA (NaFeEDTA). EDTA can chelate iron and lead. OBJECTIVES Our study objective was to(More)
In neonatal intensive care units, the incidence of nosocomial infection is high. This study aimed to determine the epidemiology of a nosocomial bacterial infection in the neonatal intensive care unit of Mohamed VI university hospital. A total of 702 newborns were included in this study. Of the 702 neonates studied, 91 had developed a nosocomial infection.(More)
BACKGROUND The noncompaction of myocardium is a rare myocardiopathy. The isolated right ventricular involvement is exceptional. We report two cases of isolated noncompaction of the right ventricular myocardium. CASE 1: I., 2 years old, investigated for a congenital cyanosis with severe functional repercussion. Her echocardiography revealed a complex(More)