Abdelmoumen Norrdine

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In this contribution an accurate Magnetic Indoor Positioning System (MILPS) currently under development is introduced. MILPS utilizes artificial magnetic fields generated by coils for ranging between multiple coils and a magnetic sensor. The proposed DC magnetic signals have excellent characteristics for penetrating various obstacles in indoor environments(More)
Decentralized magnetic indoor localization is a sophisticated method for processing sampled magnetic data directly on a mobile station (MS), thereby decreasing or even avoiding the need for communication with the base station. In contrast to central-oriented positioning systems, which transmit raw data to a base station, decentralized indoor localization(More)
In this contribution a DC magnetic signal based positioning system is presented which shows no special multipath effects and has excellent characteristics for penetrating various obstacles. The proposed system allows high ranging resolution in indoor environments by using adaptive signal processing algorithms. Keywords—Indoor Positioning; Localization;(More)
A platform architecture for positioning systems is essential for the realization of a flexible localization system, which interacts with other systems and supports various positioning technologies and algorithms. The decentralized processing of a position enables pushing the application-level knowledge into a mobile station and avoids the communication with(More)