Abdelmonaime Lachkar

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Document Clustering is a branch of a larger area of scientific study known as data mining .which is an unsupervised classification using to find a structure in a collection of unlabeled data. The useful information in the documents can be accompanied by a large amount of noise words when using Full Text Representation, and therefore will affect negatively(More)
Twitter is a popular micro-blogging service where users search for timely and social information. Users post short text messages called Tweets, which are limited in length. These Tweets are different from traditional documents in its shortness and sparseness. As a result, short text tends to be ambiguous without enough contextual information. To address(More)
The process of browsing Search Results is one of the major problems with traditional Web search engines for English, European, and any other languages generally, and for Arabic Language particularly. This process is absolutely time consuming and the browsing style seems to be unattractive. Organizing Web search results into clusters facilitates users quick(More)
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