Abdelmalek Benzekri

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In this paper we propose an approach, combining the SET protocol with the TLS/WTLS protocols in order to enforce the security services over the WAP 1.X for the payment in the m-commerce. We propose to implement the additional services of the SET protocol as the confidentiality of the payment information between the buyer and the payment gateway and the data(More)
Security policy models allow reasoning about security goals achievements. When security mechanisms are implemented, it is difficult to formally validate the security properties against the security goals especially in a network environment. To assess the implemented security properties, one should consider details regarding the network topology, the(More)
The grid has emerged as a platform that enables to put in place an inter-organizational shared space known as Virtual Organization. The Virtual Organization (VO) encompasses users and resources supplied by the different partners for achieving the VO’s creation goal. Though many works offer solutions to manage a VO, the dynamic, on the fly creation of(More)
In this paper we propose a new model for providing QoS guarantees to real time multimedia applications in mobile ad hoc networks. Our model assures equal delay for each packet at every hop in the path, and handles network congestion through the use of call admission control and congestion control mechanisms. The effectiveness of our proposed solution in(More)
Security mechanisms enforcement consists in configuring devices with the aim that they cooperate and guarantee the defined security goals. In the network context, this task is complex due to the number, the nature, and the interdependencies of the devices to consider. In previous papers, we have proposed a formal framework that focuses on network security(More)