Abdelmalek Amine

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The increasing number of digitized texts presently available notably on the Web has developed an acute need in text mining techniques. Clustering systems are used more and more often in text mining, especially to analyze texts and to extract knowledge they contain. With the availability of the vast amount of clustering algorithms and techniques, it becomes(More)
This paper deals with our research on unsupervised classification for automatic language identification purpose. The study of this new hybrid algorithm shows that the combination of the Kmeans and the artificial ants and taking advantage of an n-gram text representation is promising. We propose an alternative approach to the standard use of both algorithms.(More)
Spam is now seized the Internet in phenomenal proportions since a high percentage of total emails exchanged on the Internet. In the fight against spam, the authors are interested in this article experiencing a meta-heuristic based on social bees. The authors took inspiration from biological model of social bees and especially, their organization in the(More)