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La domination masculine
La domination masculine. Pierre Bourdieu. Paris: Seuil, 1998. 142 pp. (English translation, Masculine Domination. Richard Nice. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2001. 133 pp.)
The Historiographic State: How Algeria Once Became French
In this article the author seeks to explain how a foreign country, spatially remote and culturally different, was turned, in the matter of few decades, into a French territory. He shows thatExpand
Colonialism and knowledge in Algeria: The archives of the Arab bureau
Abstract Despite the preeminence and recent scholarly debate on Orientalism, little attention has been paid to the variant of French Orientalism which solidified its base during the early phase ofExpand
Violent Modernity: France in Algeria
Translation And The Colonial Imaginary: Ibn Khaldûn Orientalist
Despite the increasing interest in translation in the last two decades, there has been no investigation of the translation of historiography and its transformation from one language to another. ThisExpand
On French Scholarship of North Africa
This article discusses the specificity of French Orientalism on North Africa and shows how in its divide and rule policy, French colonialism constructed a discourse that opposes the Oriental Arab toExpand
Memory at the Surface: Colonial Forgetting in Postcolonial France
In this essay I argue the French postcolonial corpus on colonialism, as quantitatively significant as it is, is not only a recollection of the colonial past, but also contains within itself anExpand
Writing Algeria : On the History and Culture of Colonialism
The epigraph above was written in the context of what was then called the “Algerian Civil War,” or “The Second Algerian War,” or “the Events of Algeria” by Pierre Bourdieu, who was not happy with theExpand
Translation and the Imaginary