Abdelmajid Elmrini

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This study report the results in 28 patients affected by closed fractures of the neck of the fifth metacarpal bone (boxer's fracture), treated with percutaneous elastic intramedullary nailing using a single wire, to verify the effectiveness of this surgical treatment. We reviewed the results of 28 patients treated with A single Kirschner wire (K-wire)(More)
Traumatic manubriosternal dislocation is a rare lesion. In the literature, only a few case reports of patients treated surgically are published. In this case, we report an unstable posterior dislocation of the manubriosternal joint in a 50-year-old women caused by direct trauma. An open reduction was performed, and the manubriosternal joint was fixed by two(More)
Only 4 cases of isolated posterior dislocation of the radial head in adults have been reported in the English-language literature. We describe 2 cases with a clear mechanism of injury and present a concise review of the literature.
Femoral fractures in amputation stump are challenging injuries to manage. The authors describe a case of a 51-year-old patient with a right above knee amputation, who had a right hip femoral neck fracture. In this technical note, we describe a technical and surgical procedure with intraoperative tips and tricks, in which we use commonly available materials,(More)
INTRODUCTION Stress fracture of the clavicle is a rare entity. It can manifest itself with an atypical shoulder pain. The clavicle is vulnerable to pathological fractures from several causes such as neoplasm, infection and rarely metabolic bone disease. CASE PRESENTATION We report a case of a bone insufficiency fracture of the clavicle, in a 67-year-old(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of our study is to present the benefit of using the transvers acetabular ligament for intraoperative determination of the anteversion of acetabular component. METHODS Twenty-one total hip arthroplasties were performed. The transverse acetabular ligament was identified and used as a guide to position the acetabular component. RESULTS(More)
Tumeur glomique selon MASSON est une prolifération neuro-myo-arterielle bénigne. Elle représente environ 1%-5% de toutes les tumeurs de la main. La douleur est le signe clinique principal. Le diagnostic de certitude repose sur un faisceau d'arguments: clinique et radiologique, mais seul l'histologie qui permet la confirmation.Une série de 11 patientsa été(More)
We present a case of an unstable proximal interphalangeal fracture of the fifth finger. We want to review the treatment of this entity, by using a dynamic external distractor designed from the Suzuki frame; we recommend this technique to young orthopaedic surgeons. Mr.AM:21 years old, right-handed, a manual worker, who consults for pain and inability to(More)
amputations à retentissement fonctionnel et psychologique difficile, les résultats de notre série sont encourageants pour a mise en place d'un service SOS main au Maroc. which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract Digital amputations are frequent injuries, the majority(More)