Abdelmajid Chaffai

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— Most medical images are now digitized and stored in large image databases. Retrieving the desired images becomes a challenge. In this paper, we address the challenge of content based image retrieval system by applying the MapReduce distributed computing model and the HDFS storage model. Two methods are used to characterize the content of images: the first(More)
Real time analytics is the capacity to extract valuables insights from data that comes continuously from activities on the web or network sensors. It is largely used in web based business to drive decisions based on user’s experiences, such dynamic pricing and personalized advertising. Many universities have adopted web based learning in their learning(More)
Real time data analytics is the ability to extract valuable information from live data. It represents a big opportunity to drive smart strategic decisions at the right time. The organizations which adopted this concept, such internet firms, have created spectacular success by embedding reactive actions powered by analytics applied to valuable data.(More)
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