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A series of 640-operations performed on benign thyroid gland during 8 years is presented. The pre and post operative mortality is 0.62 per cent. Late recurrent nerve paralysis occurred in 2.6 per cent. 27 patients had transit hypocalcemia and 8 had permanent hypoparathyroidism or 1.2 per cent. These complications has been studied in relation with patient(More)
From 1981 to 1987, 305 patients underwent surgery in this department for thyroid disorders, including 7 reinterventions for total thyroidectomy, with a mortality of 0.75% and a specific morbidity of 13.4%. The overall incidence of post-operative parathyroid insufficiency was 4.6%. This was higher after bilateral thyroidectomy (7.6%) than after unilateral(More)
Récemment, de nouvelles approches ont intégré l'utilisation de techniques de fouille de données dans le processus d'enrichissement d'ontologies. En effet, les deux domaines, fouille de données et méta-données ontologiques sont extrêmement liés : d'une part les techniques de fouille de donnée aident à la construction du Web sémantique, d'autre part le Web(More)
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