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—This paper focus on the study of the motion activity descriptor for shot boundary detection in video sequences. We interest in the validation of this descriptor in the aim of its real time implementation with reasonable high performances in shot boundary detection. The motion activity information is extracted in uncompressed domain based on adaptive rood(More)
—Adaptive systems based on FPGA architectures can benefit greatly from the high degree of flexibility offered by Dynamic partial reconfiguration (DPR). Thanks to DPR, hardware tasks composing an adaptive system can be allocated and relocated on demand or depending on the dynamically changing environment. The limitations in the existing tools provided by(More)
In this paper, we present a new approach for watermarking of medical image that we are trying to adapt to telemedicine. This approach is intended to insert a set of data in a medical image. These data should be imperceptible and robust to various attacks. It's containing the signature of the original image, the data specific to the patient and his(More)