Abdellatif Medouri

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A collection of 35 accessions of the tetraploid wild wheat Aegilops geniculata Roth (MM, UU) sampled in northern Algeria was evaluated for morphological and biochemical variability. Morphological and ecological analyses based on morphological traits and bioclimatic parameters, respectively, were assessed using principal component analysis (PCA). Accessions(More)
Accessibility has emerged as a fundamental characteristic in the approach and exertion of higher education recently as has its capability to introduce creativity in teaching and learning practices. The emergence of the Internet along with the potentials it offers to allow the publication and distribution of resources, the astonishing evolution in online(More)
In the last decades, competition between port container terminals, especially between geographically close one, is rapidly increasing. To improve this competitiveness, terminal managers try to achieve rapid container vessel loading and unloading, that corresponds to a reduction of the time in port for vessels. In this paper, we focus our attention on the(More)
In the radio environment, transmitted signals arrive at the receiver via a direct, unobstructed path, or via multiple paths from the reflection, diffraction and scattering of surrounding objects such as buildings and trees. The signal at the receiver is significantly distorted and faded by the multipath propagation, witch lead to inter-symbol interference(More)