Abdellatif Janane

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the prognostic value of HER2 expression in non-muscle invasive bladder transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) with special emphasis in the high grade population. MATERIALS AND METHODS (PATIENTS): Tissue microarrays (TMA) were performed with representative TUR-B specimens from 84 patients with non-muscle invasive bladder TCC (40 pT1GII and(More)
INTRODUCTION Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) concomitant to surgery has been reported to reduce Fournier's gangrene (FG) mortality compared to exclusive surgical debridement. Most report from centers with relatively few patients using only surgical procedure. To assess efficiency of aggressive debridement with adjunctive HBOT. To evaluate Fournier's(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the diagnostic significance of prostate-specific antigen (PSA), density (PSAD) accuracy, and PSAD adjusted by transition zone volume (PSATZD) in men with PSA levels between 2.0 and 4.0 ng/ml. MATERIAL AND METHODS Between 2000 and 2010, 138 men with PSA levels between 2 and 4.0 ng/ml underwent transrectal ultrasonography (TRUS) and(More)
The article ‘‘Endorectal MRI accuracy and its staging evaluation contribution in prostate cancer: a North African ethnic group’’ has been retracted at the request of the editor because it contains significant verbiage plagiarizing another publication: ‘‘Endorectal MRI for prediction of tumor site, tumor size, and local extension of prostate cancer’’(More)
OBJECTIVE A number of large-scaled studies carried out in western countries have proven a positive relationship between serum prostate specific antigen (PSA) level and prevalence of positive bone scan findings, in newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients. The aim of our study is to verify that the tendency occurs as well in north-african population, as well(More)
The authors report a series of 12 cases of ureterovaginal fistulas observed over 15 years period. Our patients had a mean age of 38 years (range 27 to 44 years old). Eighty four percent of ureterovaginal fistulas were due to radiotherapy and clopohysterectomy. Sixteen percent of ureterovaginal fistulas were due to brachy and radiotherapy. The clinical(More)
INTRODUCTION We evaluate the efficiency of α-adrenergic antagonists on stone clearance after extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) in patients with lower ureteral stones. METHODS A total of 356 patients with solitary lower ureteral stones who underwent single ESWL sessions were divided into 2 groups. Group 1 received our standard medical therapy,(More)
The authors report a series of 47 cases observed over a 15-years period in the department of carcinological at the national oncological institute of Rabat. Patients consisted of 16 mean and 21 women (57%), with a mean age of 49 years old (range 29 to 70 years). The clinical features were polymorph, firstly loin pain (81%), hematuria is the next (25%). A(More)
n engl j med 366;17 nejm.org april 26, 2012 1625 A 22-year-old man with a history of uncorrected left cryptorchidism presented after 7 days of left groin pain. A genitourinary examination was performed, which revealed that his left inguinal region was swollen because of a palpable, tender mass that was 5 cm in greatest dimension. No testicle was palpable in(More)
Paratesticular adenofibroma is an uncommon benign tumour. Although it has previously been reported in the female reproductive organs, to our knowledge only three cases have previously been reported in the male genital organs. Herein we describe an adenofibroma that developed in the tunica vaginalis and rete testis. We discuss its histogenesis and(More)