Abdellatif El-Ghenymy

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A 3.0 L solar flow plant with a Pt/air-diffusion (anode/cathode) cell, a solar photoreactor and a photocatalytic photoreactor filled with TiO2-coated glass spheres has been utilized to couple solar(More)
A central composite rotatable design and response surface methodology were used to optimize the experimental variables of the electro-Fenton (EF) and solar photoelectro-Fenton (SPEF) degradations of(More)
The degradation of 230 mL of a 0.6-mM sulfanilamide solution in 0.05 M Na₂SO₄ of pH 3.0 has been studied by electro-Fenton process. The electrolytic cell contained either a Pt or boron-doped diamond(More)
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