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Due to the extensive application of artificial nitrogen-based fertilizers and animal manure on land, many water agencies face problems of increasing concentrations of nitrate in groundwater. The contamination of groundwater by nitrate may pose a significant public health problem. The threat of methemoglobinemia is well documented and reflected in the US(More)
The authors report three cases revealed by tabes arthropathy in patients younger than 45 years. The age of patients was respectively 42, 40, 42. The clinical symptoms consisted of a painless knee strain, isolated in one case, associated with radiculocordonal posterior syndrome in two cases. The radiological lesions showed bone destruction. The biological(More)
Cochleovestibular dysplasia or Mondini malformation is exceptional. Cochlear dysplasia is due to early cessation of the development of the inner ear during embryonic life. We report on the case of an infant who presented with perception deafness and repeated meningitis. CT allowed the diagnosis of Mondini malformation. We underline the importance of(More)
Type 1 neurofibromatosis is the most common of all the phakomatosis. It is a hereditary neurocutaneous syndrome that may involve any organ or system of the body. Central nervous system lesions are frequent and dominated by neoplasms and nonneoplastic hamartomatous lesions. Craniocerebral vascular abnormalities are relatively rare, most often occlusive or(More)