Abdellatif Benjelloun Touimi

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The transition to digital in the TV broadcasting industry is already gradually being performed while the complete digital switchover seems now possible to be accomplished within the near future. This article describes and analyses this phenomenon and the role of MPEG-21 may play in it. MPEG-21 is the ISO/IEC standard currently under development in MPEG(More)
This paper deals with the spatialization of multiple compressed audio streams. A new approach is proposed based on the combination of subband-domain filtering methods with linear decomposition methods of HRTFs filters, and more generally the filters used by sound spatialization techniques (binaural, transaural, ambisonic, etc). Such a combination allows(More)
This paper presents an efficient method for the conversion between subband domain representations of different filter banks. It advantageously replaces the conventional cascade of synthesis and analysis banks leading to algorithmic delay reduction and high degree of parallelism for implementation. It is especially useful for transcoding applications between(More)
Subband domain filtering is a beneficial method that can be advantageously used in many applications. This paper discusses a method of generating filters in subband domain of any critically sampled perfect reconstruction filter bank, equivalent to any rational (FIR or IIR) time-domain filter. As example, implementation for the particular case of MDCT filter(More)
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