Abdellah Zine

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There is substantial evidence that the motility of mammalian outer hair cells is generated close to or within the plasma membrane. Several analogies between the outer hair cell cortical lattice and the membrane-related cytoskeleton of erythrocytes have been noted. In erythrocytes a member of the anion exchanger protein family, AE1, also known as Band 3, is(More)
UNLABELLED We describe an accidental ecstasy poisoning in a 10-month-old girl. CASE REPORT A 10-month-old infant suddenly exhibited behavior disorders with restlessness, hypertonia, and repetitive movements. She was immediately taken to the Emergency Department. Cardiovascular (tachycardia and hypertension) and neurological disorders (major agitation,(More)
The development of Ca-ATPase immunoreactivity in gerbil outer hair cells (OHCs), assayed by immunofluorescence and postembedding immunocytochemistry, is reported here. In the adult, a linear array of label is seen inside the lateral plasma membrane. The ultrastructural distribution of Ca-ATPase near the OHC lateral plasma membrane was examined using(More)
UNLABELLED HNPP occurs rarely but not exceptionally during childhood. CASE REPORT José M., seven years old, presented an isolated radial nerve palsy of progressive onset with no other clinical feature. There was no family history of neurological disorder. The electromyogram (EMG) showed a 'mosaic-like' pattern of extended sensitive and motor alterations,(More)
A chronic microcytosis and hypochromia without any iron deficiency were observed in an 11-year-old boy of French Caucasian origin. The same hematological findings were also found for his mother. No abnormal hemoglobin (Hb) was detected using isoelectric focusing, cation exchange liquid chromatography and reversed phase liquid chromatography of the globin(More)
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