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In this paper, we present an improvement of the Cloud Service Research and Selection System (CSRSS) which allows Cloud users to search through Cloud services in the database and find the ones that match their requirements. The CSRSS is based on the Skyline and showed some promising first results. We consider that the research and selection of a Cloud(More)
Classification is one of important tasks in the Data Mining field. It aims to merge the similar data into a group. In this context, several methods of classification have been proposed in literature. DENCLUE (DENsity-based CLUstEring) is one of the most effective unsupervised classification methods, that allows to classify voluminous data. This method is(More)
A mobile ad-hoc network is considered as a dynamic autonomous system composed of mobile devices interconnected by links without wire, without the use of a fixed infrastructure and without centralized administration. The absence of a centralized infrastructure forces each device to work in a peer to peer distributed environment, and to act as a router to(More)
The Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSP) are proven more and more promising to model and solve a large number of real problems. A lot of approaches using constraint reasoning have been proposed to solve search problems. Our contributions here consist to propose a modeling of Capacity Allocation Problem of an airport (CAP) in the form of a CSP. This(More)
Cloud computing is a technology that has emerged in the last decade and that is transforming the IT industry. Our interest in this work is the research area of Cloud services search and selection systems. These systems allow Cloud users to search through Cloud services and find the ones that match their requirements. In this paper, we present a Cloud(More)
—Cloud Computing is a business model revolution more than a technological one. It capitalized on various technologies that have proved themselves and reshaped the use of computers by replacing their local use by a centralized one where shared resources are stored and managed by a third-party in a way transparent to end-users. With this new use came new(More)
—Cloud computing is a new paradigm where data and services of Information Technology are provided via the Internet by using remote servers. It represents a new way of delivering computing resources allowing access to the network on demand. Cloud computing consists of several services, each of which can hold several tasks. As the problem of scheduling tasks(More)