Abdellah El Moudni

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Traffic flow can be considered as a hybrid system which is characterized by two major behaviours: continuous ones in motorways and discrete ones in road junctions. We propose a modelling approach based on Petri nets. For this purpose, places of Petri nets stand for the road sections and transitions describe the flow between two consecutive sections and at(More)
Traffic flow theory is concerned with finding a relation between variables of traffic flow. We propose a new approach which consists of representing these variables by those of continuous Petri nets with variable speed (VCPN). A model of VCPN is suggested for the analysis and control design in urban and interurban networks. The proposed model provides(More)
Autonomous intersection management (AIM) is an innovative concept for directing vehicles through the intersections. AIM assumes that the vehicles negotiate the right-of-way. This assumption makes the problem of the intersection management significantly different from the usually studied ones such as the optimization of the cycle time, splits, and offsets.(More)
This paper deals with discrete event systems (DES) modeled either by discrete timed Petri nets without conflict or by continuous Petri nets. A fuzzy rule-based multimodel is developed for this kind of system. The behavior of each Petri net transition is described by the combination of two linear local fuzzy models. Using the Takagi-Sugemo model in a(More)