Abdelkrim Kamel Oudjida

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— I 2 C and SPI are the most commonly used serial protocols for both inter-chip and intra-chip low/medium bandwidth data-transfers. This paper contrasts and compares physical implementation aspects of the two protocols through a number of recent Xilinx's FPGA families, showing up which protocol features are responsible of substantial area overhead. This(More)
In embedded control applications, control-rate and energy-consumption are two critical design issues. This paper presents a series of high-speed and low-power finite-word-length PID controllers based on a new recursive multiplication algorithm. Compared to published results into the same conditions, savings of 431% and 20% are respectively obtained in terms(More)
This paper addresses the problem of multiplication with large operand sizes (N≥32). We propose a new recursive recoding algorithm that shortens the critical path of the multiplier and reduces the hardware complexity of partial-product-generators as well. The new recoding algorithm provides an optimal space/time partitioning of the multiplier(More)