Abdelkhalek Riahi

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The monitoring by UV spectroscopy of the Pd-catalyzed hydrogenolysis in acetonitrile of 2-methyl-2-benzyloxycarbonyl-1-indanone and 2-methyl-2-benzyloxycarbonyl-1-tetralone showed the successive formation of corresponding beta-ketoacids and enols to deliver finally the ketones. Some factors which influence the stability of the intermediates are determined.(More)
The two new gem-dihalogenocyclopropanes (1'S,3R)-3-(2',2'-dichloro-1'-methylcyclopropyl)-6-oxoheptanoic acid, C(11)H(16)Cl(2)O(3), (2), and (1'S,3R)-3-(2',2'-dibromo-1'-methylcyclopropyl)-6-oxoheptanoic acid, C(11)H(16)Br(2)O(3), (3), are isostructural. Both present two stereogenic centers at C1' and C3. The absolute configuration was determined by X-ray(More)
The title compound, C13H19N3OS, is a new thia-zolidin-4-one derivative prepared and isolated as the pure (3aS,6R)-diastereisomer from (R)-thio-semicarbazone pulegone. It crystallized with two independent mol-ecules (A and B) in the asymmetric unit. The compound is composed of a hexhydro-indazole ring system (viz. a five-membered di-hydro-pyrazole ring fused(More)
The crystal structure and the conformation of the title compound, C22H27N3O7S, were determined from the synthetic pathway and by X-ray analysis. This compound is a new 4-thia-zolidinone derivative prepared and isolated as pure product from thio-semicarbazone carvone. The mol-ecule is built up from an oxo-thia-zolidine ring tetra-substituted by a(More)
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