Abdelkader Sbihi

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In this paper, we approximately solve the multiple-choice multi-dimensional knapsack problem. We propose an algorithm which is based upon reactive local search and where an explicit check for the repetition of configurations is added to the local search. The algorithm starts by an initial solution and improved by using a fast iterative procedure. Later,(More)
The basic Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problem (VRSP) is described followed by an outline of solution approaches. Different variations of the basic VRSP are examined that involve the consideration of additional constraints or other changes in the structure of the appropriate model. An introduction is provided to Green Logistics issues that are relevant to(More)
In this paper a region-based image indexing and retrieval (RBIR) algorithm is presented. As a basis for the indexing, a novel spectral segmentation approach using random walks on graphs is introduced. Based on the extracted regions, characteristic features are estimated using color and texture information. The focus of this study is to improve the capture(More)
The Knapsack Sharing Problem (KSP) is an NP-Hard combinatorial optimization problem, admitted in numerous real world applications. In the KSP, we have a knapsack of capacity c and a set of n objects, namely N , where each object j, j = 1,. .. , n, is associated with a profit p j and a weight w j. The set of objects N is composed of m different classes of(More)