Abdelkader Mezghani

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The purpose of this study is to investigate a new representation for automatic speaker verification using MFCC, formants and a combination of MFCC/formants. Verification is carried out using a weighted Euclidean distance also known as a Mahalanobis distance. The weighting coefficients are determined depending on their utility in the verification process. We(More)
The purpose of this work is to estimate the cepstral coding on an arabic subbands system verification using dynamic time warping (DTW) method. The general principle is to split the whole frequency domain into several subbands on which statistical recognizers are independently applied. We propose two methods of spectral division: logarithmic decomposition(More)
A probabilistic assessment of climate change and related impacts should consider a large range of potential future climate scenarios. State-of-the-art climate models, especially coupled atmosphere-ocean general circulation models and Regional Climate Models (RCMs) cannot, however, be used to simulate such a large number of scenarios. This paper presents a(More)
To produce probability distributions for regional climate change in surface temperature and precipitation, a probability distribution for global mean temperature increase has been combined with the probability distributions for the appropriate scaling variables, i.e. the changes in regional temperature/precipitation per degree global mean warming. Each(More)
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