Abdelkader Kara

Curriculum Vita1
Shahnaz Rahman1
Marisol Alcantar1
Neha Nayyar1
1Curriculum Vita
1Shahnaz Rahman
1Marisol Alcantar
1Neha Nayyar
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We present a method of performing kinetic Monte Carlo simulations that does not require an a priori list of diffusion processes and their associated energetics and reaction rates. Rather, at any time during the simulation, energetics for all possible ͑single-or multiatom͒ processes, within a specific interaction range, are either computed accurately using a(More)
We report the development of a pattern-recognition scheme for the off-lattice self-learning kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) method, one that is simple and flexible enough that it can be applied to all types of surfaces. In this scheme, to uniquely identify the local environment and associated processes involving three-dimensional (3D) motion of an atom or atoms,(More)
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