Abdelkader Himmi

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—A monolithic active pixel sensor operating in current mode for charged particle detection is described. The sensing element in each pixel is an n-well/p-sub diode with a PMOS transistor integrated in an n-well. The drop of the n-well potential from the collection of charge modulates the transistor channel current. Each pixel features two current mode(More)
CMOS pixel sensors are being developed for the CBM Micro-Vertex Detector (MVD). They provide the high resolution required to reconstruct efficiently decay vertices of short-lived particles , such as charmed mesons. The present R&D is mainly driven by the severe running conditions expected in the vicinity of the experimental target. The most significant(More)
CMOS Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors (MAPS) are proposed as a technology for various vertex detectors in nuclear and particle physics. We discuss the mechanisms of ionizing radiation damage on MAPS hosting the the dead time free, so-called self bias pixel. Moreover, we discuss radiation hardened sensor designs which allow operating detectors after exposing(More)
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