Abdelkader Ehirchiou

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Hydatid disease is an endemic problem in some areas of the world. Common sites include liver and lungs. We report an unusual case of isolated primary Hydatid cyst of small gut mesentery. Characteristics of this uncommon location, mechanism, diagnostic difficulties, and treatment are discussed.
We describe a rare case of retrosternal goiter that developed on the left side of the trachea, squeezing between the trachea and the left supra-aortic vessels, and causing signs of compression and acute left upper limb ischemia in a 35-year-old woman. Her symptoms disappeared after an emergency total thyroidectomy was performed.
Inflammatory pseudotumors are uncommon benign tumors of unknown etiology which may develop at several anatomical sites, e.g., the airways and gastrointestinal tissues, soft tissues, the orbit, the spleen, or the lymph nodes. The renal site is extremely rare, and presents the problem of differential diagnosis as the clinical and radiological aspects of this(More)
Post-appendectomy faecal fistula is a rare surgical complication, associated with significant morbidity. Taenia saginata infestation is one of the most common cestode infestation in the gastrointestinal tract. It makes many complications as obstruction, perforation, anastomotic leakage or appendicular stump dehiscence. The objective of our study is to(More)
Carcinoma of the adrenal cortex is a rare tumour. The incidence of vena cava involvement may be present in 15 to 20% of patients. The intra caval tumour thrombus can attain the right atrium. Even if some authors consider these lesions as a metastasis, long-term survival can be obtained after radical resection. The surgical tactical depend on the extension(More)
Abstract Les kystes dermoïdes sont des lésions bénignes fréquentes. Ils peuvent être volumineux et entrainer une destruction des tissus avoisinants surtout au niveau du crâne. Ces kystes dermoïdes sont le plus souvent de localisation ovarienne ou testiculaire mais d'autres localisations, principalement axiales, sont décrites. Le kyste dermoïde de la paroi(More)
Bezoars are rare causes of gastrointestinal obstruction. Basically, they are of four types: trichobezoars, phytobezoars, pharmacobezoars, and lactobezoars. Some rare types of bezoars are also known. In this article a unique case of plastic bezoars is presented. We describe a girl aged 14 years who ingested large amounts of plastic material used for knitting(More)
BACKGROUND Leiomyoma is a benign tumor rarely occurring in the esophagus. Only 1% of esophageal tumors are leiomyomas. CASE REPORT A 70-year-old man underwent surgery for an asymptomatic tumor of the thoracic esophagus. The tumor was enucleated via right thoracotomy and histology confirmed the diagnosis of leiomyoma. Outcome was favorable. DISCUSSION(More)
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