Abdelilah Maach

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service composition Architecture specific service composition Execution and monitoring User’ context Composition request management Fig. 5. Overview of the proposed service composition architecture. Fig. 5 above shows an overview of the system architecture, which employs a process approach to service composition, to fulfill the design requirements outlined(More)
In wireless multi-hop networks, broadcasting by flooding generates frequent retransmissions of unnecessary packets that participate heavily in increasing contention and collision probability. These problems become increasingly likely in a wireless mesh network which can interface to other external networks, thus leading to a significant increase in(More)
Contention is inherent to optical burst switching; this may lead to some burst loss, which could be fatal for some kind of applications. In This work we propose a combination of contention reduction through congestion control and bursts retransmission to eliminate completely bursts loss. The simulation results indicate that this scheme can transform an(More)
With the growing demand of bandwidth and the development being made in the optical components technology, the IP over DWDM using optical burst switching seems to be the best solution to take advantage of the huge capacity of the fiber and accommodate high traffic of information. In this architecture the optical network is seen as an optical cloud with(More)
Cloud computing is, nowadays, one of the most interesting topics in computer science. Also, in research, a lot of effort is concentrated on cloud computing security issues. In this paper, we classify different security issues into the different levels that exist in cloud environments. We also present different solutions to the security issues in the cloud(More)