Abdelhamid Zakhnini

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Small animal Positron Emission Tomography (PET) should provide accurate quantification of regional radiotracer concentrations and high spatial resolution. This is challenging for non-pure positron emitters with high positron endpoint energies, such as I-124: On the one hand the cascade gammas emitted from this isotope can produce coincidence events with the(More)
Understanding conservative fluid flow and reactive tracer transport in soils and rock formations requires quantitative transport visualization methods in 3D+t. After a decade of research and development we established the GeoPET as a non-destructive method with unrivalled sensitivity and selectivity, with due spatial and temporal resolution by applying(More)
Using I-124 for PET imaging applications implies some difficulties concerning the image quality: The resolution is degraded by the large maximum positron energy of 2.1 MeV and the resultant long positron range. In addition I-124 is a non-pure PET isotope exhibiting additional gamma ray emissions with high contributions to the total decay scheme: 602.72 keV(More)
EduGATE is a collection of basic examples to introduce students to the fundamental physical aspects of medical imaging devices. It is based on the GATE platform, which has received a wide acceptance in the field of simulating medical imaging devices including SPECT, PET, CT and also applications in radiation therapy. GATE can be configured by commands,(More)
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