Abdelhamid Hamadi

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This paper proposes a combined system of a thyristor-controlled reactor (TCR) and a shunt hybrid power filter (SHPF) for harmonic and reactive power compensation. The SHPF is the combination of a small-rating active power filter (APF) and a fifth-harmonic-tuned LC passive filter. The tuned passive filter and the TCR form a shunt passive filter (SPF) to(More)
This paper proposes a nonlinear derivative-less control approach for controlling a three-phase shunt hybrid power filter (SHPF). The dynamic model of the SHPF system is first elaborated in the stationary frame and then transformed into a “dq” reference frame. The control system is divided into two separate loops, namely the two current(More)
A DSP-based implementation of an instantaneous current control for a three-phase shunt hybrid power filter S. Rahmani a,c,∗,2, Ab. Hamadi a,1, K. Al-Haddad a,b,1, A.I. Alolah d a Canada Research Chair in Energy Conversion and Power Electronics CRC-ECPE, École de Technologie Supérieure, 1100 Notre-Dame, Montréal, Québec H3C 1K3, Canada b Alfaisal University,(More)
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